Thursday, December 4, 2008

Reading again

So now that I am not completely obsessed with knitting every single spare moment I have ...

I actually began reading a book! An old English Professor :) gave me a book of short stories by David Foster Wallace called "Girl with Curious Hair" and so far so very very good. I asked for bizzare and he gave me bizarre! I need a book to be totally different than real life. I need a book that makes me laugh and cringe and wonder a lot, and this book does all that and more. Thanks, Steve! Here is an excerpt of a story that surrounds the making of the televison show Jeopardy! in the mid 80's.

“See that window?” he says. “That’s where the rules go. Out the window.” Feels at his nose. “Does your conscientious entertainer retain – and here I say think about all the implications of ‘retention,’ here.”– looking at Janet – “I mean does he cling blindly to rules for their own sake when the very goal and purpose and idea of those rules walks right in off the street and into the hearts of every Triscuit consumer in the free world?”

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