Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

I am having great difficulty determining the best post to celebrate the beginning of 2009. I decided on the collage above because of the text, which reads, "Snap judgements, damning criticisms, whopping generalizations were part of her charm, signs of the form youthful vitality had taken in a year when crisis was everybody's breakfast food." This piece was made years ago, but reminds me that I cannot rest on my laurels and I have to keep working, keep making, keep creating. The text also reminds me not to judge the younger generation(s) as I always do (as working in a high school makes that pretty easy to do). In a year when crisis was everybody's breakfast food is one of my all time favorite metaphors and I feel that this past year was not so full of crisis as it was of solutions and hopeful direction towards a better future. So many positive things have come to the world this year, Obama, One laptop per child, The Gates Foundation work in American education and Global health care, LED lights, and the generosity of so many who help make life easier for others.
It was also such a great year for our family. we are all so lucky to have good health, wealth and joy in our lives. I personally had a great year for my business (I knit well over 100 pairs of fingerless gloves), it was the first year since 2001 that I did not learn anything new (in a classroom setting) and I realize how much I enjoy being a student and may look into doing more of that kind of learning. And I started blogging which I love.
I hope everyone enjoys each day of the new year year and finds abundance, happiness and good health. Happy New Year!


shanna murray said...

Happy, happy new year to you, Nancy! may your 2009 be full of joyous adventure!

belvedere beads said...

happy new year nancy.
may this greeting find you exactly where you want to be - and that the coming year will bring prosperity and a lightness of spirit. i send you dreams of pomegranates, pink moons and other poetic whimsies. it has been great spending more time with you.