Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ifs and Wishes

If I had more time and money I would wall paper the stairway wall. I found these images of wallpapered stair risers at door sixteen. I had painted the stair risers a while ago in shades of bluegray and bluegreen and gray. I like them that way but they do need some upgrading. It would be so easy to put decorative paper on that surface....
I found the wallpaper above at modgreenpod. They make vinyl free papers and organic cotton fabrics. Not super expensive. And I have posted in the past about Nama Rococo. The red one below comes in a pale gray green (no pic available though). I could totally live with that but at $126 a 25" x 38" sheet, I simply cannot afford it.I know that Nook in Pittsford carries some of MissPrint wallpapers. I see on line that their rolls are 52cm x 10 metres and cost £55/roll. All MissPrint wallpapers are all PEFC certified which means that the paper products they use promote the sustainable management of forests. I like the saplings line, bu it is a little childish for a stair way-This more what I am looking for - something very bold and demanding your attention - It is from MissPrint's Muscat Collection. I just know the rest of my family will hate it though.MissPrint also makes these vinyl graphics (pictured below), which I have been looking at on Etsy and thinking about having made from my own designs...I think I will think about that more.OMG! Did anyone out there know that Target sells wallpaper, and not just wallpaper but wallmurals! They don't carry the stuff in the stores - you can only get online - a little risky, but how cool are these green leaves! For a measley $150, I think it is worth the risk.So, to continue my disertation on wall coverings... I believe I have found THE ONE I WANT
or maybe this one...
and it is on sale for $20 a roll! But each roll is 20.5 " long x 3 "w. That is odd. It says it covers 56 sq. feet, you get two rolls for $20. How does this work???

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