Saturday, January 3, 2009

more projects

The little girl that was born yesterday is named Margot Grace. She is so very pretty and I now want to make a very pretty little girl sweater for her to wear. Lavender, I think, with embroidered flowers and pink buttons.
These are the two dresses I sewed for Mod Molly. I am working on one or two more and another knit dress and then I have to stop. As Aster said to me, "She doesn't really need all that many dresses." But I find it really hard to return later to specific kinds of sewing and knitting projects. Once I have tweaked the process, I need to complete it before I forget the those tweaks.
This is the sock dog I made for my 10 year old niece, Kathryn. She also received a cell phone for a Christmas gift, so I imagine the dog went unnoticed. I made a gray turtleneck sweater for the dog but it just didn't seem right. Instead the sweater will go on a black sock sheep I am working on now.

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