Friday, January 9, 2009

Ifs & Wishes

If I had time, I would sew my own clothes. This is something I have attemptd to do at various times and have always miserably failed. I always have in my mind a specific piece of clothing that I absolutely must have, usually the perfect skirt, but I can't find it a price I am willing to pay. I made a skirt out of dish cloths in high school and I loved it even though everyone made fun of me. I tried to make dresses but never could do it well. I did all right making some maternity dresses for myself and I made lots of dresses for my daughter when she was little. And lately I have become quite the accomplished maker of doll dresses. I get very inspired by Project Runway and feel like I could do it right with time and patience. I saw this book at Barnes and Noble, Sew What! Skirts: 16 Simple Styles You Can Make with Fabulous Fabrics and it made me think once again that I can and should make the perfect skirt.
I am searching Amazon for that book title and I find actual skirts for sale on Amazon. Who knew?

This skirt is on sale for only$4.99 (from Target). I am now remembering the two skirts I did make for myself two years ago. I spent well over $30 on fabric and those skirts and they have since been donated to the Goodwill... $4.99 is looking quite ideal.
This patchwork skirt was what got me thinking about sewing skirts again. I saw it on Patchwork Mafia's Etsy shop.
Oh, I keep forgetting, I hate to sew. And I am not going to purchase the Target skirt. I am not. Well, maybe I will.

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