Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Twists

Etsy selling  is a little slow this month, and I have 15 pairs of gloves listed, so I feel a bit relaxed to work on other things... I did finally get back to spinning and (although I have completed some small amounts of yarn in the past) I feel like I just completed my first real hand spun yarn work. It is a beautiful orange and pink with yellow and green highlights. On Saturday morning I showed my husband a picture of the pvc pipe contraption I wanted to be able to set the spin and he went immediately to Home Depot and within the hour he had made it for me. Thank you hon! The thing measures 18 inches so I can count my wraps and determine the yardage - I got 190 yds from this batting! While I was plying I created a twisted mess that I cannot untangle. I definitely over spun this lot, but I hate to waste anything. Any one have any ideas what I can do with this? 

So the new roving I am working with is a camel and chocolate with pink highlights. I really like this one and I hope I get better as I ago. I don't know how spinners sell their hand spun  yarn for such low prices. I think spinning is the most time consuming and difficult process  I am into. But I am determine to get to the place where it is fun and relaxing.

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