Thursday, January 8, 2009


Since everyone else with a blog is posting their intentions for the new year, I shall too.
I am determined to stop spending money on crap I do not need but just want becaue it is so cute or interesting. If I need to buy something, I want to try to buy vintage, recycled or handmade.
For example: I want a new kitchen light. (I sort of actually need a new kitchen light -- as right now there is just a bare bulb stuck in that spot above the sink and in the winter I really need that light above the sink and lately the bare bulb is making me very unhappy). And I was going to go to that big lighting store at Winton Place, but then I realized I might find a vintage piece on Ebay - Ebay was no help, but I did find a light I like in Etsy.
I could go around to the antique shops too but I don't want to spend a ton of time on this project either...

Specific ways I can shop recycled and handmade-
1. recycled yarn
By unraveling sweaters I can get form the Goodwill I can have new (to me) yarn at a very low cost. I have purchased this kind of upcyled/recycled yarn on Etsy but now I am just going to do it myself. Maybe I will even sell it. I am in midst of my first sweater unreavel-ing and I picked a good on to start on because the yarn is doubled up and I not only have to unravel the sweater but then also have to seperate the two strands into seperate balls of yarn. It is nice yarn and I think it is worth it. To purchase enough yarn to knit an entire sweater would cost upwards of $90.
Jeez, I uploaded this picture of the sweater I am unraveling along with the olive green and off white yarns that I already have in my stash with which I am planning to make a sweater for myself. I am seeing this picture of the yarn on my bed spread and I had no idea that is  where I (obviously) got my inspiration! I have been questioning the color combination for a spring sweater, but now I know I will love it.

2. To curb shopping I will write down everything I purchase, every day. I used to do this when we had very little "discretional" income. Writingpurchases down makes it clear where you can cut back and when you see that you just bought a new sweater at the beginning of the month, it is easier to say no to the sweater you want at the end of the month. Also if you know you are going to write it down, you are more likely to not make the purchase.
3.Okay I cannot think of any other ways right now - But I will try to continue to post other ways to re-use and recycle instead of buying new and just not buying at all.

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Rachael, Pistachio Press said...

Writing down all of your purchases is a great idea, and one that I may have to implement as well. I finally feel like I have the income where I can afford some of the things I want - the trouble is that I already have so much and I become attached to "things" very easily. I'm trying to limit my purchases to objects that will be used and loved and mostly handmade. And then maybe we'll have the money left over to donate, which I consistently want to do.

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