Tuesday, April 21, 2009

6 x 6

I have had the rare opportunity to work on art for the past three days. I set up Saturday morning and pretty much cleaned up last night. I had a challenge... to make 6 x 6 images for a local gallery's fundraiser. They receive over 2000 pieces and each one is a measly $20. I completed 23 of the buggers. I do not really love the size, or maybe I do not really love the constraint of size. Collage is tricky enough with out having choice of scale. I did manage to make one piece that is not 6 x 6. And I may finish a few others in the next two days, but then I am off to New Orleans for a family wedding! 

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belvedere beads said...

23? that sounds like an explosion of creativity to me. i haven't even started mine yet.