Thursday, April 30, 2009

Nemo & April

Our cat of 8 years, Nemo, took a little walk last night and has not come home. He never leaves the house - he has maybe set a foot on the deck or ran under the bushes right outside the door, but this has never happened before and I am very sad.  I am so lucky to have the amazing pets that I have. Nemo is just a lazy, loving, wonderful cat, and I am sure he is scared and lonely right now. I don't what to do. I am getting a flyer to put around the neighborhood tomorrow - other than calling his name every 5 minutes, I am at a loss.
April couldn't be happier, as she gets to hang out with Aster in her bed all day. Both my kids are home sick today and the cat is missing. And now it is raining. I don't like this sad day -hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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