Thursday, April 9, 2009

on the needles

Feeling very accomplished with the February Lady Sweater from Ralvelry, I have decided to try another one. I decided to use up all my cotton yarn that is a light color or pastel and I am making a stripey cardigan. I am planning to over dye the entire sweater in a periwinkle blue. I  am hoping that the pinks will become purples and the whites periwinkle and the greens nice aqua. I am attempting a different neck line from the Febraury Lady Sweater, as I prefer a V neck for my body shape. I appropriated the neck line from f. pea. She offers alot of free patterns which is really nice. She posted a children's stripey cardigan pattern which can be found in her free pattern Friday archive. It i a top down raglan too. My other problem with the Febraury Lady Sweater is that the button band is knit as you go. But if you change colors that just isn't possible and the cardigan hangs too low along the button band. f. pea uses an I-Cord to edge the sweater, so I am going to try that.

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