Tuesday, March 23, 2010

19 years

Allen and I were married on this day 19 years ago.
19 is my parents' "lucky" number. It never really struck into my life, but they have a long list of dates and addresses and other numerical life items that include the number 19 and have been fortunate for them.

This 19th year of marriage was not the worst ever in our marriage, but I certainly wouldn't want to repeat it. Allen was in the hospital for two weeks and then had to recover from abdominal surgery, I went though some difficult decisions and quit my teaching position in order to focus on my family and art. Gage has been sick -(by the way the biopsy results showed everything normal and fine. He is just so sick still, we just don't know what to do next). As always, I do believe it could have been worse - but a year filled with fortune - no- not a particularly lucky year for us. So moving into the twentieth year of a wonderful marriage is something to which I am looking forward, but still trying to take it one day at a time.

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