Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I felt that three birds was too much and the top one seemed squished - so I scraped the paint off and fixed it up a bit. I also changed the color in photoshop, but the actual painting is very green. I have been in love with green this month. I made five foundlings in various bright greens which I will show off soon.

Below is a collage I wasn't thrilled with, and photoshop gave it much needed new life. I tweaked the color, added the nuclear plant and gave the bird a half tone.


joAnn said...

I really love the collage in it's original form. I've been enjoying seeing your work at my shop! It's given me some real inspiration to work on my own collages. Thanks for that!

Roseanna said...

Nancy, I really like both of these. Your collages are wonderful, glad to find your blog my friend!
I am feeling the "green" as well. The
family room needs lots of green to offset my orange fetish...