Monday, March 1, 2010

landing on your feet

I am trying to get just one room of this house organized and clean. It just doesn't seem possible. I am feeling almost accomplished in the collage area of my art (the dining room (below) is covered in paper, books, prints and more). But every time I go to put it all away, I find something interesting, try something new, or just can't quite quit yet. And I set up a portable table in our second living room (below) for painting, and it has allowed me to actually combine painting and collage, which for some reason is typically extremely difficult for me to do. Aster got new pieces of furniture for her bedroom, a lovely vanity and chair, from the Toronto Ikea, and Gage also got a new desk chair, so a number of other pieces of furniture needed to be exchanged, removed, stored. I cannot seem to find space for them, so they reside in the living room too.
We will never be able to have any one over if I cannot figure out how to work at home in a more organized manner. Gage will most likely get home tutoring, and I am embarrassed to have anyone arrive into this mess. I think the only I can do is literally toss it all into one big box, without thinking, without looking, or else it will never happen.
I do know I will find it all months from now and be excited to get back at it.

Look at this sparrow coming in for a landing.

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