Friday, March 12, 2010

Wouldn't ya know

Just an hour after I bought the Wicked tickets, I went to make a broiled cheese open face sandwich for my lunch and my broiled cheese was just sweaty cheese - the oven did not get hot, it got warm, but not hot.

Not just the broiler but the oven all together now gets a little bit warm at 500 degrees or broil. Allen thinks it is the thermostat and I am devastated. Any one else in the world would be happy to get a new range, as this one is over fifty years old, has yellowing ceramic paint covering up chips and really only has one temp on the awful electric stove top - very very high.

Look at this range - it is a "drop in" which they don't make any more - so it means cutting the counter top which also sucks and I know it will be a disaster. I was hoping to be able to have it hold on until we could afford the time and money for a complete kitchen redo. I want a real range hood and a real gas range. This means finding a space for the microwave and venting the the hood (yes, right now it is not even vented). Allen and I are so stressed and feeling pulled in so many ways I cannot imagine attempting to deal with this. But that's Life and goodness knows that many people have worse problems than this...

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