Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I have been asked to have my work on the walls of a new space in a fabulous modern and hip store - Thread. Thread is on South Ave., and if you haven't been there you have been missing out.
Thread's Home Store is moving from next door to the back. Thread is in a Victorian house and a wall is being torn down to create the home section of the store. This new space is so beautiful, it has plaster sculptured ceilings and a marble fire place. I am simply delighted to have my worked hanging on the walls (and for sale).

You can mark your calenders now for the opening party which will be next Saturday, March 2oth, from 7 - 9 p.m. I will post a more lovely invitation next week. And as a tease and a temptation here is a picture of Aster wearing my collage "skirt" that I made and hope to display as part of the window installation. I took the pics, but then Aster played with one image and created this beautiful photograph. I think I will have it framed. The skirt is made of over five vintage books' pages rolled into tubes. I dipped some of the tubes in a mauve colored wax to create areas that are darker than others. I was going for the look of a paper wasp nest.
I still have about six inches to add. It is actually quite meditative work - until I burn my finger with hot glue. It is not at all what I imagine it to look like. And, as usual, it is way more work than I anticipated. Hopefully two more books will finish it.
Oh, and Gage's MRI came back fine. The next test is an endoscopy and colonoscopy. Poor guy keeps throwing up and he had a little bit of the headache return today, but he generally feels okay.

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shanna murray said...

Your skirt in the window @ Thread looks stunning! Congrats on the great gig! See you @ the party.