Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A long day

Gage is feeling great today. We all had a long awful experience at the hospital yesterday, as the surgeon was running 3 hours behind. The waiting room was full and loud and bright and Gage was really unhappy. Strangely, the long wait was the worst of it, and the doc saw exactly what we expected him to see - a very irritated red and inflamed stomach. Thank goodness nothing else was visibly amiss, we await the biopsy results and just keep working on getting him healthy - how do you heal a broken stomach? I think the reason he feels so great today is that he did not eat for three days prior and that gave his stomach some needed rest.

The cause is, of course, still unknown, and I have no idea which came first... did the vomiting cause the irritation or did the irritation cause the vomiting?

If anyone has experience with this same medical issue or knows anything or has any suggestions for good resources I would really appreciate the info.

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Rachael, Pistachio Press said...

I'm sorry to hear that yesterday was so bad :( I hope he continues to feel better.