Saturday, March 6, 2010


Not exactly a typical Saturday for us. Gage had an MRI of his head today. I thought it would be more traumatic for him but I think he actually enjoyed it. He said he felt like he was in the movie, 2001 A Space Odyssey. He said he heard the alarm beep just like in the movie and then violins playing. It is an interesting connection to make, because the space ship in the movie is wheel like and works circular in motion just as the MRI machine works. He sure is a wonderful and interesting kid. I don't know when we will know the results. I am waiting to get an appointment with a neurologist. And then next week is also the endoscopy and colonoscopy. Those should be the last of the tests. I hope I can relax when all the worst possibilities are ruled out. Gage is actually feeling well recently, the headache has subsided and the vomiting still comes through out the day, but he feels good and is happy which is so much easier for me. I hate to see him miserable.

I have been knitting, I am always knitting. I find if I don't knit for one whole day my hands are upset with me, stiff and sore and not willing to work on anything else until I let them have the knitting needles for a while. And Gage is my photographer, he's the only one who can take the pictures the way I want them. So we both got out into the sunshine yesterday to photograph and we even took a walk. Here are some pics of recent gloves I posted on Etsy.

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