Wednesday, August 26, 2009

best day

On Tuesday, I worked three straight hours at More Fire Making beads and then I came home to find out that my family was going tho the baseball game that night and I was on my own. I had planned on making grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches for everyone, but being alone, I instead had a multigrain baguette with triple creme brie and tomato slices. It was a wonderful dinner. The only bad part  was that I ate over half of the baguette, .38 lb. of cheese and two tomatoes. 
I picked up my beads today. I made nineteen (I was off in my estimate of more than twenty) but still quite a great effort. Here are some of them.Leaky Pen (blue green) dark ivory and copper green mostly on the ones above.Silver foil created the speckled look on the first three on the left and the other two have opal brown frit on white (one has copper green on half). Below more dark ivory pebbles, I just love them.

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