Thursday, August 6, 2009

treats & torch time

Come on Friday and you can enjoy this sweet treat I made for my opening at Crocus Clay Works! It has almonds, dried cranberries and dried apricots embedded in white chocolate.

The beads below are my Tuesday torch time accomplishments.

I was determined to get to know Moretti's dark ivory glass, and it turned out to be a complicated friend. The caramel colored beads are just dark ivory, and then that first one on the right was just dark ivory with a tiny dot of copper green. What did the copper green do to make the dark ivory grumpy? Or did I upset the dark ivory by torching it too long? I know that the copper green likes when the dark ivory comes to it... I guess the only way to know them both better is to go at it again. And the two below that are destined to become earrings are dark ivory and ora rubino. Donna shared a rod of the ora rubino and it made this lovely deep irradiated blue on the dark ivory. Thanks Donna, and everyone over at More Fire who is so generous of their knowledge, time and materials.

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