Tuesday, August 25, 2009

so much for sewing

I am officially sick of sewing. I forced myself to finish one more owl and then it is back to needle felting and knitting. I have not knit much at all since summer began. I suppose it is a wintery craft for me... But I need to get back to it. What I really want to be doing is sitting straight with perfect posture on a stool at More Fire, in front of fire and glass and focused on nothing but color and shape. There is something so wonderfully fulfilling about creating a glass bead. I no longer care that this new obsession has wiped out my bank account. I no longer care that I am spending time doing nothing but enjoying myself. I no longer care that I have a messy house, a stinky dog (and rat for that matter). I just want to get lost in a little world of molten color.

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belvedere beads said...

welcome new bead lady!

for me it's all about finally finding a craft that uses fire, fire, fire.