Thursday, August 27, 2009

More Sun

More Sun means more gloves.
See the bee on my hand? I put my life at risk for the art of knitting! Well, at least for the art of photographing my knitting! Isn't my wonderful son a fantastic photographer?
These sky blue gloves are repurposed cashmere sweater sleeves. The other two pairs are hand knit and have embroidery on them. I hope to get them into my shop this afternoon. Then it is off to More Fire to make More Beads. Below are the beach pebbles that are mostly dark ivory with some copper green and transparent glass. I finally etched them and I am ready to make a necklace. I love how etching the glass makes the black lines super crisp. The images show the glass beads mixed up with some turquoise, mother of pearl and coral. There are also two of Lucinda's beads in the mix.
The bead on the left is Lucinda's. I love how the etch took away some of the brighter turquoise that the copper green creates. The softer color is much more to my liking.
The picture below looks like something I found on the beach, doesn't it? But actually it is a mushroom that I photographed on a stone. I guess I can find the beach in my own back yard.

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