Saturday, August 8, 2009

Friday Fun!

Friday at Crocus Clay Works was great fun. The energy was high and the visitors, friends old and new, were all charming and generous with their compliments. All enjoyed the show and the night I believe. I sold quite a bit so I have to get back to work... although all I can think about is this coming Tuesday and how and what I shall make at torch time. 
That copper green glass is such an odd fellow. Sometimes it chooses to become turquoise - sometimes this red shows up. I wish I actually had three of these beads, but those pics above are three views of the same bead.
This one is pretty great, huh? I began with khaki, added tons of pink frit and silver wire and then the copper green on the sides which pushed the silver and pink (now dark red or just gone) to the center then I added the dark ivory to the top and bottom and tah da!
Lucinda gave me a couple of pieces of silver foil - which ended up in this long bead that had a dark ivory base with copper green at the top and bottom - I believe I cooked it much and it became quite mottled but I still like the look a lot and can't wait to order and use more foil.

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belvedere beads said...

Wasn't it just the most charming movie? We came home and made gelato - not very french but tasty and cool on such a hot day.