Wednesday, August 19, 2009

owls and other

I put together about five of these stuffed owl pillow like things. I am not sure they are worth the effort. They just don't make me smile like the Foundlings do. But maybe that is not their fault. Not a whole lot makes me smile these days. I don't like myself much, so I don't like anything I make. School is looming over me like a dark cloud about to rain ink rain. I do not know where I am working this year but it will definitely not be the position I was in last year - or the building (my choice, as I will not, cannot work there). I am waiting to hear from a private school as my own district made me fill out an entire application and interview for an elementary position (for which I was hired in the first place). I am at such a crossroads.
I want to make art full time, but I wonder if I won't get depressed from being all alone all day and from being broke. I want to teach, but I worry about the stress and schedule problems that my working causes at home. I want to be happy and have the people around me be happy. It is days like these I hope no one actually reads this blog.

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