Friday, August 28, 2009


Today I am waiting by the phone and e-mail to hear about where I will be working starting Tuesday. 
At least I have my Hello Kitty Slippers to keep me comfortable in my agony. (Aster ordered them and decided she doesn't like them. I think they are Hello Kitty's friend, Chocolate, but she says the web site titled then Hello Kitty).
At least I have a blog for verbal play and photoshop for visual play.

I posted these Gloves this morning - I poetically titled them 
Shadow Gray, Dreary Day.
The sweater had this beautiful embroidery in raspberry, turquoise, cranberry, blue and coral on the ends of the sleeves that will make anyone smile on the worst of days.
I had a lovely Thursday though. Aster and I spent two hours making beads. 
One of which was a collaborative large heart focal... (I made a big blob and then gave it to Aster, the Queen of Glass Hearts). 
And I made 11 nice simple round beads.I used the opal brown frit without reducing it - I like the speckled red it creates. But Lucinda showed me what it can become when reduced. So, I may try that next time.
Later Aster and I watched Project Runway and were pissed that they once again kept that idiot Mitchell, who clearly cannot sew a pillow case and instead sent home the darling odd Malvin who gives a conceptual tweak to design, has such smart ideas and can sew like the wind.

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amber said...

Mitchel has to be sleeping with a producer. I was really upset that he was spared both times, especially when two wonderfully quirky designers were eliminated instead. Total bummer.